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problem with print server


I have a problem - I don't know how to get two printers to work with the
print server.  The print server is a Sercomm Fast PrintMate and the two
printers are a brother HL-10V and a HP Business Inkjet 2250 PS.

I got the print server working so far - I can ping, telnet and ftp to
it, and it also shows the two printers (brother on Port1 and the HP on
Port2 - Port3 is still free) which are on-line. Now my problem starts -
how can I get something to be printed??

Before I had only one printer (the brother) connected to the server and
I printed from there. Now, how do I set up lpd for the print server?
What do I have to change in /etc/printcap - if any?

Can anybody point me to a site about setting up print servers?

Thanks a lot!!!

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