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Re: lots of PAM/cron messages on console

Quoting Casper (casper@huiscomputer.homeip.net):
> Every few minutes one of the following messages gets dumped
> to my console:
> PAM_unix[14026]: (cron) session opened for user root by (uid=0)
> PAM_unix[14027]: (cron) session opened for user casper by (uid=0)
> PAM_unix[14057]: (cron) session opened for user mail by (uid=0)
> This is highly annoying as there importance is close to zero to
> me. This is a Woody box, running Exim and syslog-ng (which seem
> to be the relevant apps here). I'm not sure wether these messages
> occured with the stock syslogd as I upgraded immediatly to
> syslog-ng, and I prefer not to switch back unless I have to.
> I removed all entrys from the syslog-ng file that refered to
> the console but it didn't help.

Something like this used to happen years ago after a serious error
had occurred IIRC. I think it was just that the logging level for
the console got changed. Putting in a removable disk would print
the disk-changed line on the VC as I remember, for example.

man 2 syslog gives some explanation. I would guess that the values
in /proc/sys/kernel/printk may have something to do with it. My
values there are 6 4 1 7.

If they're correct, then maybe there is a problem with syslog-ng.


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