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Re: Stupid Question...keymappings?

On Fri, 2 Feb 2001, John Travis wrote:

> I recently helped a friend resurrect an old machine with Debian :-).  
> There is one little thing that annoyed me, and will annoy him, the more 
> he learns.  The keymappings that I am used to don't always seem to 
> work.  For instance with a 'man man,' I couldn't use the vi(m) like 
> keybindings for movement.  Return was the only way to scroll down, and 
> backspace wouldn't even scroll up.  And if I did a search, it wouldn't 
> highlight the results.  If I searched for anything it couldn't find it 
> just dropped me back to the shell.  Certain things, like the backspace 
> not scrolling up, happen in other apps like slrn.  I vaguely remember 
> this when I first set up my box running Sid.  But very early on in my 
> apting/configuring it "automagically" went away.  I have run into this 
> again with my Progeny setup.  Other than these problems, the 
> keymappings are working fine.  I'm just not sure which package, or 
> config I need to play with 8^).  Any help or where I can RTFM greatly 
> appreciated.

just a thought, but do you have 'less' installed?

I think man uses 'more' if 'less' isn't available and hence you can't
scroll up, etc.

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