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Re: Re: make problems

try rather a symlink 
ln -s /lib/libdb1.so  /lib/libdb.so
it will be easier than trying to modify an autoconf-generated makefile.

Cheer up, you'll get it done :-)

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 From: "jdls" <jdls@apu.edu>

> I had a similar problem with compiling mod_dav from source (this is
> using debian "testing"). For some reason, ld couldn't find libdb, even
> though it was available in /lib/ (or /usr/lib, I can't remember) and
> ldconfig was finding it ok. My solution was to replace -ldb with -ldb1
> in the Makefile. You don't actually have to replace the -ldb, you just
> have to make sure -ldb1 is there somewhere.
> I think I got libdb1 from the "libdb1" package.
> -- 


How do I replace the -ldb with ldb1 in the Makefile? or how do I 
make *sure* that -lbd1 is there *somewhere* so that gnome_dialup
will compile correctly... I really like that gnome_dialup.. I've had that
since *potato* was still unstable :(

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