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Re: Still No Cursor in X

On Thu, 01 Feb 2001, D-Man wrote:
> | I try PS/2, Buttons 5, ZAxisMapping 4 5  - but strange things happen on
> | the screen then. May be you have it for me.
> My Logitech wheel mouse (wasn't cheap -- cost ~$40 and worth it) works
> fine (or at least it did with RH 6.1 and 7.0 I don't have a new enough
> GNOME on Debian yet to use X much) for me.  Try setting the Buttons to
> 3.  Buttons 4 and 5 don't really count since they are used as the
> wheel.

Hm, Buttons 3 just turns the wheel off. The XF..config man says to have
the ZAxisButtons added.

 > The mouse I have is the Logitech MouseMan Wheel -- it has 2
> "normal" > buttons, 1 thumb button and a scroll wheel that doubles
> as a button. It is a nice large mouse that has the thumb side raised
> up in a > natural way.  It's the only mouse I have that hasn't hurt my
> hand.  It also supports USB and PS/2.

I only use it for _very_ short periods, mostly to move that cursor out
of the way :) (does Konqueror support the TAB key to navigate the links?
the _only_ advantage of IE)

greetings, martin

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