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Re: hd failure (maybe), please adivse

Thanks for the info.

On Wed, Jan 31, 2001 at 08:22:36PM -0800, Mircea Luca wrote:
| My advice as a hardware tech,get a replacement drive from Maxtor,trade
| it for

Where can I trade it in?  (assuming I can find the warranty info)

| something else(except Samsung) and never ever touch a Maxtor again.I've
| replaced

What make/model is your favorite?

| a lot of them in the last 2 years(well over a hundred).If it clicks it's
| as good as dead.The slowdown in apps it's the first sign and it's a
| strange one becuse if you run specific DOS based diags or hdparm in
| Linux they'll show a normal
| transfer rate.


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