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Re: Memory upgrade and kernel panic

> On Thu, Feb 01, 2001 at 02:19:54PM +0100, Joris
> Lambrecht wrote:
> > i think you should try adding something like
> >
> > mem="256"
> >
> Just to clarify that would be -
> append="mem=256M" but..
> The kernel or bios or whatever takes up part of the first
> part of the memory.  So if you add the full amount of
> RAM to your /etc/lilo.conf the kernel will freak out.  Back
> off a MB.  For example I have 128 MB of RAM and my
> lilo.conf line reads -
> append="mem=127M"

That append line hasn't been needed since kernel 2.0.36, has it ?? I
remember when I first started with Linux and Redhat supplied 2.0.34 or
so (Redhat 5.0) and I needed it since I had 128mb RAM and it only saw
64mb. Once I upgraded to 2.0.36, I removed that append line from
/etc/lilo.conf and it saw all of memory just fine.

Can *parts* of memory be bad, as in the 2nd half ?? Trying "mem=127M",
or "mem=63M", and so on might tell something...


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