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RE: Memory upgrade and kernel panic

i think you should try adding something like 


when yr loading linux

Hall is right about the crap memory checks, this is improved on newer



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Subject: Re: Memory upgrade and kernel panic

> Hello.  Has anyone come across anything like this
> before.  The system is a perfectly running Debian
> 2.2r2 with an AMD K6-2 500mhz with 256M mem (two
> 128M sdrams).  I swapped out the two sdrams and
> installed one 256M sdram.  The bios sees the memory
> OK and starts the boot process.  Linux evidently sees
> the memory OK (line 2 below) but then gets to line
> 5 and spits out the rest and then the kernel panic
> in line 22.  Can anyone shed any light on this or
> am I right to assume that this is the result of a bad
> memory module?

Bad memory module ?? From what I've read for years, the BIOS' memory
so-called "tester" is close to worthless...


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