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Re: Security Related Questions

On Thu, Feb 01, 2001 at 12:09:19AM -0600, Benjamin Pharr wrote:
> I have a couple of security related questions for you.  I have no need for 
> sunrpc/portmap, however, I have found it impossible to discern which 
> package these belong to.
> Second question.  I have a mystery service running on port 1024.  I fairly 
> certain I haven't been hacked, but, who knows?  When I do a "nmap 
> localhost" port 1024 shows up as "unknown".  How can I find out which 
> daemon is bound to 1024?  Thanks in advance!

Another place you can look for port numbers -

$ dpkg -S <program> 
will often show you the package a program is in.  You can also search -

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