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Re: wish list -> My personal Debian User Manual Generator

On 28 Jan 2001, younie@home.com (Rick Younie) wrote:

> Matthias Wieser wrote:

> > now my idea is, that there should be place, where you can just enter
> > your system parts, and it will return a "user manual" just covering the
> > parts your really need.
> It's a great idea.  At a minimum someone new to Debian wants
> to have sound and printing working or they won't stay long.

Bugger, I've been found out - I'm not a person :-) My sound card 
isn't supported (kick Yamaha, someone) and I so rarely print things 
out I haven't been bothered to set up my Olivetti JP190 yet (indeed, 
I haven't even looked whether it is supported).

Debian 2.1r4 (kernel v2.0.39); XFree86 3.3.6
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