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Re: Server Hardware?

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A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far way, someone said...

> Hi....
> Say I have 3 debian servers....
>  one for samba
> one as a web server
> and one as a squid proxy...
> If money is a little bit of a concern .......
> what is the best type of hardware to use?
> For example....
> which make of CPU?

Depends.  I would tend to go with an AMD Athlon just on the
price/performance ratio, but, presently, if you need a multi-cpu system
you don't have any choice but to do with Intel (SMP Athlon motherboards
aren't anywhere on the market yet, afaik)..

It depends on how big you need to go.

> Which Motherboard?

Depends on the CPU and the details of the computer (ie 1 vs 2 cpus, AMD vs
Intel CPUs, memory type, form factor of enclosure, etc).

> Does scsi make a differnce?

Usually it does.  Depending on how "big" of a server it's going to be you
may be able to get away with IDE, especially if there's only 1 HD in the

> Is 3com the best for nics?

Some will argue with that.  But 3com cards tend to be very good.

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