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Re: use of apt-get upgrade...

On Mon, 29 Jan 2001, Hall Stevenson wrote:

> > I've some doubts about apt-get behaivor...
> > I did a "normal" installation of potato some months
> > ago...from time to time I'll was install another packages
> > that I didn't installl at first installation...so I don't know if
> > when I do an apt-get upgrade or apt-get dist-upgrade it
> > review only the packages installed at first time or if it
> > review the other packages that I's been installed  since
> > months ago.
> I'm not sure exactly what "apt-get dist-upgrade" does... as far as what
> packages is will install. I do know that "apt-get upgrade" only updates
> packages that you *currently* have installed.
> I've done an installation and hopefully have the packages that I need
> and use often enough. I've also went through and removed packages that I
> don't need. Now, I keep those installed ones up-to-date with the
> "upgrade" option. I'm afraid that "dist-upgrade" will add some packages
> back that someone else thinks I need...

I've always used only dist-upgrade and haven't had any problems. I figure
that it's meant to do a better job if the dependencies of an installed
package change.


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