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Font corruption under XF86 4.0


I recently moved from stable to testing, and in the process to XF86
(4.0.2-1). The problem that I am having is that fonts/text seem to get 
corrupted/not properly refreshed; i.e., when I originally type text
everything is fine, but if I occlude the text (e.g. with another
window) and then bring the text window to the foreground the fonts
become corrupted (the fonts looks like they're missing some
scanlines). Has anyone encountered with problem/know a solution?

I'm using the neomagic driver (for a Thinkpad 560x). I'm using xfs-xtt 
for my font server, and played with the config there a bit, and am
pretty sure that's not the issue. Speaking of which, however, does
anyone know why fonts look worse through xfs? I put the same paths in
/etc/X11/xfs/config's "catalogue" field as I have in XF86Config's
FontPath fields, but if I go through xfs (i.e., if I have "unix/:7100" 
listed as the first FontPath) the same fonts look different than when
I put the "unix/:7100" last.

Please cc me with any replies,
Thanks, Daishi

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