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Re: Still No Cursor in X

On Sun, Jan 28, 2001 at 08:41:16PM -0800, hammack wrote:
> Problem:  I cannot get a cursor in X with my PS/2 generic mouse.  I do get a cursor in the Text mode and can cut and paste between VC's.  In X I can click in the window and get menus to pop up and occasionally I will lite up a button all in the blind.    Below are the two configurations that work.  
> XF86Config:
> Protocol  "PS/2"
> Device    "/dev/gpmdata"
> or
> Protocol  "PS/2"
> Device    "/dev/mouse"
> and gpm.conf was 
> Device    /dev/psaux
> type       ps2
> Now, how do I get the cursor working in X???
> Again thanks for the help.
> John   Hammack@ridgenet.net               

Many people are having problems with their mouse when running X and at
the same time the console mouse server "gpm."  You can check the
archives for info on this.  Personally I just shut down gpm with -
# /etc/init.d/gpm stop
Then my mouse works fine in X.  I did have my mouse working in 
both environments at one time.  I think I had the configuration in
XF86Config the same as the top one in the snip you posted.  The trouble
was in the bargain I lost my scroll "button."  For the time being I just
have aliases for starting and stopping gpm and use those when I switch

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