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Where does the ghostscript init string go?

Okay, I think the reason why my Epson Stylus Color 880 isn't working with its
USB hookup might be due to:


They write:

Q: My Epson printer doesn't print anything. 

A: Many Epson printers (the 740 does not) need a special set of characters
sent to the printer for it to use
the USB interface. You can do this using a uniprint - stcany.upp -
ghostscript combination, by adding an
extra initialisation string in stcany.upp. The string is

00 00 00 1b01 40 45 4a 4c 20 31 32 38 34 2e 34 0a 40 45 4a 4c 20 20 20 20 20

Now inspecting the stcany.upp file it is not obvious to me where to insert
this string. Furthurmore, since this is a modification to ghostscript's
configuration, it shouldn't affect the printing of ascii text, should it?
ascii text doesn't print on this machine either, since nothing does. The lpr
command just does nothing.

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