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BBDB problem

I hope that a fellow BBDB user out there can help me on this. It's
probably OT, but I'm stumped as to where to go, and I do think that
the problem is debian related.

The parameters: Sid, XEmacs 21.1 (patch 13), BBDB 2.2 according to
bbdb-version, but the dpkg version is

Sometime recently, BBDB seemed to get broken for me. I suspect it was
after an apt-get upgrade or something. Now, when I go into the BBDB
buffer, the key mappings don't work because it's in
view-minor-mode. Apparently this was a bug in an earlier version of
BBDB, but was supposedly fixed in 2.00.06.

Does anyone know

a) how I would correct this situation,


b) how I can determine whether the problem is a Debian problem, or a
   bbdb problem, or a metaphysical problem ;-) ,

or (if -(a | b) )

c) where I might find a solution to this problem?


Dan Griswold

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