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Re: Debian and FreeBSD

;; All,
;; Just for yoks (and because I have a nice DSL connection wch allows me to
;; do such things) I was thinking I'd like to download FreeBSD and intall it
;; next to my present Debian install.
;; If anyone knows some good documentation re: how to do this via ftp/how to
;; do it w/o screwin' up my Debian installation, + how to configure LILO, 
;; please point me to it.
;; Am just thinking it might be good (career-wise, eventually) to be familiar
;; with another "flavor" -- apologies for the sortof non-Debian content.
I think you may read about FreeBSD + Linux HOWTO, the document
can be found on linuxdoc.org..

- Shell

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