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Re: The "debian" way (was: kernel-source-2.2.18pre21)

On 22 Jan 2001, Xucaen wrote:
> Ok, thanks to everyone recomending the "debian"
> way to compile a kernel. I will look into it...
> BTW, where is the best place to look for docs on
> how to do this? (I assume that debian must have a
> HOWTO on this, so I will search debian.org for
> it..)
> Now for my curiosity to kick in:
> what are the advantages to doing it the "debian"
> way? What is the advantage/disadvantage to doing
> it the "regular" way? Is the debian way
> smoother/easier/cleaner than the "regular" way?
> Do other distros have their own way of compiling
> kernels? Have any of you don't it the "debian"
> way? comments? opinions?
> thanks for indulging my knowledge-quest!
> xucaen

I must admit I don't do it the debian way. Perhaps this is because I
don't use modules. I seem to remember there was some documentation about
this on the Debian site; the issue didn't seem clearcut.

I was used to compiling kernels the regular way before I came to Debian
and didn't see any reason to change.


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