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Re: cant compile gtk theme

On Sat, Jan 20, 2001 at 02:40:56PM -0500, David B. Harris wrote:

> Incidentally, compiling and installing from source into your regular
> system is generally not a good idea. You should seperate those packages
> which you compile and install yourself. Add something like
> '--prefix=/extras --sysconfdir=/extras/etc' to the ./configure command.

> That'll likely keep the package management system happy.

Use /usr/local rather than a new top (root) level dir.

You'll still have problems with Gnome's [whutever]Conf.sh files. Is there a
good "legal" way to handle the prefix problem when you have most of Gnome
under /usr/  and want to build some extra stuff under /usr/local?

As someone who started compiling Gnome from source somewhere around the 0.2
or 0.3 tarballs, I can share with everyone that I have been won over by
Helix and simply add a line to apt's sources list and off I go, nary a care
in the world!

Otoh, if anyone has successfully built GtkHTML in gnome-perl with a Debian
unstable system please let me know?


Bob Bernstein
Esmond, Rhode Island, USA              

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