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Re: X/xfstt won't render truetype fonts

mike polniak wrote:

> >       # xfstt --sync
> >       xfstt: sync in directory "/usr/share/fonts/truetype/."
> >       Found 16 fonts.
> >       #
> >
> > `xlsfonts` will list them, but they won't render in X.  X reverts to
> > some default font, fixed I think.
>         You may have to re-create the fonts.scale and fonts.dir.

There has never been a fonts.scale and fonts.dir file on my old machine
regarding true type fonts.  Also, putting the following into fonts.scale
and running `mkfontdir` did not produce a meaningfull fonts.dir file:

arial.ttf -ttf-arial-medium-r-normal-tt-18-240-75-75-p-123-iso8859-1

Still no luck.
Viktor Rosenfeld
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