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Re: ultra simple mail aliases

on Thu, Jan 18, 2001 at 11:39:33AM -0500, Richard E. Hawkins (dochawk@psu.edu) wrote:
> argh.  This is a RTFM problem, but I can't figure out which FM T R . . .
> I need to set up trivially simple mailing aliases.  Particularly,
> I want a message to lawteam1@this.machine.edu to go to a list
> of specified addresses (just 4, typically) at other sites.  (This is
> for communication between teams in my law class).

You can configure /etc/mail/aliases.  However, this provides for one-way
aliases only (outbound), unless the sending box is generally reachable.
E.g.:  most dialup boxen aren't mailservers.

If you have access to a server, mailman is a good list management
server, recommended.

There are also a large number of sites which will host your discussion
for you.  For an academic group, I'd think this would be available
through your school.

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