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RE: Ethernet config

why not change your network cable ?
A broken card ?

I've never experienced trouble with any of the 3com cards i've used 3c5xx /
3c9xx and even pcmcia cards
Just make sure to turn on/off pnp/os installed in your bios (one setting
WILL work)

furthermore i've just installed my debian, selected the module (over and
over till it worked) and it worked just fine.



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Quoting Lorint Hendschel (LorintHendschel@skynet.be):
> Li Mon, Jan 15, 2001 at 10:07:39PM +0100, dommel@horizon.nl sicrîheut:
> > Can you ping from the other machines to your linux  machine ?
> No.
> > I see you use the 10base T port, does your hub indicate that the 
> > netword card is functioning ?
> I see no flashing light.

I've had trouble with these cards when set to transducer "autoselect".
So I would configure the card manually to use the transducer required.

If you're not familiar with PnP, I would also set the card to non-PnP,
which can be done with the DOS programs PNPDSABL or 3C5X9CFG. Then you
know what the IRQ and base address ought to be. (I'm afraid I don't
know how to do this in linux.)

> > You could also try changing to another 3com509 module. There are 
> > differences betheen the PNP and non-PNP version of this card.
> It's a second hand card, so I'm not sure.  It's a 3com509B really.  Any
> where I can find the said alternative modules?

I've never used anything other than the 3c509 module.


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