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Re: audio filesystem

» Angel said this and I say that:

> MrHobbit420@aol.com wrote:
> > 
> > I am having trouble mounting audio filesystem in my CD-RW.
> > probably specifying the file system might solve the problem.
> > iso9660 filesystem is not accepted.
> 	Of course .... the audio CDs ar not iso9660, they are raw disks, you
> only have tracks, normaly one for each song. if you want to listen use a
> program to do it, as xmcd for example. If you want to copy a song as
> .wav use cdparanoia or similar program ... 

	There is no filesystem for audio cd's. You should read the
CD-Writing HOWTO. In fact, you couldn't even mount an audio cd because
it has not one, but several "images", each track being one of them.


		francisco m. neto

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