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Re: gtv, mozilla, and X questions

To quote "Thomas J. Hamman" <hawk3@eagnet.com>,
# X:  The "xhost localhost" thing doesn't seem to work with X 4; what do
# need to do to allow my gf to run programs with her user when we're
# logged into X as my user?

I think the correct syntax is 'xhost +localhost'. However, if that
doesn't work, maybe 'xhost +'.

# gtv:  For a while now, the gtv program in the smpeg-gtv package has
# locking up when I try to use it to play mpeg's.  Is it working for
# anyone else?

Yup, seems to work allright here.

# Mozilla:  I tried the binary download of Mozilla 0.7 and it won't run
# (it starts up all the mozilla-bin processes but no mozilla windows
# appear)... does anyone else have it working?  Will there be a deb for
# in unstable soon?

Dunno about the deb, but it works allright here. I untarred the ball to
/temp, where I keep non-Debian stuff.

David Barclay Harris, Clan Barclay
    Aut agere, aut mori. (Either action, or death.)

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