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Re: RealPlayer installer problem

JC Portlock wrote:

> installer is set up for rp7, but the only version currently available is rp8. 
> I could not fool the installer by renaming the app.  The filename called for
> is:  
> rp7_linux20_libc6_i386_b2_rpm
> Is this available anywhere?  Or is there some way to slap the installer around
> to accept the rp8 file?

As mentioned earlier on the list (hint hint), you can either edit
the stable realplayer package (not too hard) or you can install the
realplayer package from unstable (also not too hard, assuming the
dependencies are ok).

To do the former,

# dpkg --unpack realplayer.deb
# vi /var/lib/dpkg/info/realplayer.postinst
(replace all occurances of "RealPlayer7" with "RealPlayer8")
# dpkg --configure realplayer

skip the --unpack step if you already have the package half-way
installed (i.e. you tried to install it and it bombed on you).

To do the latter, fetch the realplayer package from
<site>/debian/pool/contrib/r/realplayer using your favorite tool (apt-get, wget,
whatever) and install it.

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