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[ using Debian (woody/potato) with 2.4.0 kernel and Xfree86 4.0.2 ]
I've recently move to the Gnome/Ximian (used to be Helix) environment.

Over at the gnome/ximian sites i've read about an auto-updater (seemed much like windowsupdate) for Ximian, i ran the shell command
the ximian.updater page suggested but i guess i got it all wrong
    lynx -source http://go-gnome.com | sh
will not, as i pressumed, upgrade/update helix but will just update the gnome installation and/or perform a gnome install.
Since i have installed Ximian (helix actually) i don't have any updates to run. http://www.ximian.org/desktop/updater.php3 for more info
It seems i have nothing like
    $ helix-update
installed anywhere on my system yet still i chose to install helix and it claims it did ...
The screenshot's i saw showed an icon on the desktop to run the updater but i cannot find it anywhere and i don't know how to get it there
Any suggestions ?
Thanks in advance,

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