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Re: MUAs and timestamps, was Re: how to grep without changing timestamps?

>>>>> D-Man  writes:

    d> | "noatime", and then remounting without that option.  It also appears
    d> | that 'touch' can change the access time of the file with the -a flag.
    d> | But I think I'm coming in on the end of this thread and that might

    d> I just joined the thread when the subject changed.  I did know that
    d> touch will set the last (modfied/accessed) time to now, and if the
    d> file DNE it will create it.

You can also use touch to set the timestamp to a different time.

    d> | have already been suggested.  Also, if you know that your mailbox has
    d> | new mail, you can 

    d> If I know it has new mail, then I already know.  The goal is to
    d> have the MUA tell me instead. ;-)  

I think you missed the point of the script I attached.  It allows you
to do just that.


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