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Re: Gravis Gamepad Module

hi. according to the
you need to download a driver from creativelabs
for the soundblaster Live card.

I'm not sure if this is the problem, but it's
worth mentioning.

good luck!


--- Scott Patterson
<Scott_Patterson@andersonsinc.com> wrote:
> I cannot get my gravis gamepad to work. I'm
> using a Sound Blaster Live and
> plugging the gamepad directly into the
> gameport. I can get the joystick.o module
> to load, but, that's it. I tried loading
> joy-analog.o but no luck (it fails).
> Same for the joy-grip.o module (it fails also).
> I'm running the 2.2.18-pre21
> kernel. Help...
> Also, anyone have a recommendation for a
> gamepad with more than 4 buttons? I'd
> like compatibility with DOS, Windoze and Linux,
> but can give up DOS if
> necessary. TIA.
> Scott
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