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Re: Debian installer stops before it is finished

On Mon, 08 January 2001, Daegyu Kim wrote:

> Hi, It is a problem (probably) the most commonly ancountered. The
> problem is due to X setting which is done differently from the hardware
> that you have.
> You need to have detailed spec information especially about horizontal
> and vertical frequency of your monitor and name of the chipset on your
> video card.
> Alternatively, I would try to configure X using XF86Setup after
> installing debian without configuring X.  
> Good luck.
> Daegyu
> sg.au@techemail.com ÀÛ¼º:
> > 
> > Hi. I've been trying to install Debian, but have been unsuccessful. I've started over maybe five times (I've lost count). Before last time, the installation was trying to switch to graphics mode but it said the window server (or manager, I don't remember) wasn't responding or something (I neglected to record the error messages). It kept repeating itself, I started over again.
> > 
> > This last time, it says that some of the packages could not be installed and asks if I want to try again. I say yes, then it says scanning packages, then goes to a login prompt. I log in, then I'm in bash. The installation appears to have stopped. It gave an error message during this attempt which stated:
> > 
> > "Errors were encountered while processing:
> >  gmc
> >  rstart
> >  rstartd
> > E: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)
> > Some errors occurred while unpacking. I'm going to configure the
> > packages that were installed. This may result in duplicate errors
> > or errors caused by missing dependencies. This is OK, only the errors
> > above this message are important. Please fix them and run [I]nstall again
> > Press enter to continue"
> > 
> > The installer gave the above message on the install attempt prior to the last one also.
> > 
> > I typed startx but it said I have to have screen type vga16 or mono in XF86Config, I tried to modify it, but honestly, I don't know what I'm doing, as the only systems I've used are MS (DOS or Windows). When the installer asks questions or gives messages I don't have a clue as to what it's talking about half the time.
> > 
> > What do I do now? Is there any way to resume installation where I left off, or must I start over again? Each time I start over, I start at the very beginning by deleting all partitions of the HDD and recreating them to be sure any mess left on the drive during an aborted installation attempt is cleaned up.
> > 
> > Anyone have any advice on how to minimise installation problems or make the process go smoother? I've spent several hours trying to install it, and I'm starting to believe that installing Debian (or any distribution of Linux) on my system is futile.
> > 
> > In case anyone needs to know in order to help, my hardware stats are:
> > 
> > processor: Evergreen upgrade processor, Intel compatible equivalent to 486DX-133
> > RAM: 36 MB
> > HDD: 6.4 GB
> > chipset: Chips
> > primary BIOS: AST BIOS rel 2.03 1994
> > secondary BIOS: SIIG enhanced BIOS (LBA, for HDD up to 8.4 GB; resides on an
> > add-in EIDE controller card)
> > *all HDD partitions are Linux ext2
> > video: Cirrus Logic GD-54XX, 1 MB VRAM
> > 
> > Thank you,
> > Brad

I've used XF86Setup, and have set everything in it (had trouble with this too at 
first, I couldn't even get the mouse to work). It then tried to start the X
server but said "_X11TransSocketUNIXConnect: Can't connect: errno = 111".

I tried starting X but it wouln't start, ran several screens of output which I 
was unable to capture or redirect. The last part said:

"You must provide a 'Screen' section in XF86Config for at
least one of the following graphic drivers: svga

Fatal server error:
No configured graphics drivers

X connection to :0.0 broken (explicit kill or server shutdown)."

I also tried to run anXious, but the command prompt returns immediately.

The installation system appears to be broken.

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