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Re: Need help setting up parallel printer

To quote "David Shepherd" <david.shepherd@practiv.com>,
# 'modprobe lp' gives me
# 	modprobe: Can't locate module lp
# This is/was a stock debian kernel from an official CD.
# Anything else I can try, or do I have to recompile the kernel (I've
# done it before).
# Can I somehow grab the stock kernel from a distribution mirror?
# Please excuse my lack of kernel knowledge - I'm learning fast

Well, your best bet would be to compile your own kernel. Many times. Or,
at least until you get it the way you want it ;) The knowledge gained
will be useful whenever you're having a problem of this nature.
Explaining how to compile your own kernel is beyond the scope of this
email, but many guides and tutorials exists, like the one I mentioned in
my previous email.

However, I'm sure there are pre-packaged kernels somewhere, if you want
to go that route :) Dunno where, though.


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