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Re: potato instalation (despair)

> De: Matthew Dalton <matthewd@research.canon.com.au>
> Para: Antonio A. Lobato <tom@splicenet.com.br>
> Cc: debian-user@lists.debian.org
> Assunto: Re: potato instalation (despair)
> Data: Terça-feira, 2 de Janeiro de 2001 21:08
> "Antonio A. Lobato" wrote:
> > 
> >   I already tryied many ways to install the potato packages(because I
> > already installed it Basic System from hard disk), but it`s how if my
> > reader don`t existed.
> What type of cdrom do you have? 

Cretive 2x (SoundBlaster) Panassonic.

>Do you know which device file it is associated with? 


>Have you tried mounting it?

Yes, I win mount it when I`m in Linux, using `mount  /cdrom`. but just
after load 
it driver during the instalation with the dbootstrap.

> What happens if you try (as root)
> # mount -t iso9660 /dev/cdrom /cdrom
>I don`t win. It show a error message
> Can you now see files in /cdrom?
>Yes. By using `mout /cdrom`
>> Have you tried using dselect with the cdrom access method? Does this
>> result in error messages? What are they?
>>It does not give-me this opition. Only "floppy", "apt", and other.
>>I win read any file in the cdrom after to mount it. But not to copy .deb
>>It shows the follow output many times(without to acept CRTL X C, CRTL D,
>>CRTL Z):
>sbpcd-0 [68] : abp_data : CDi_status loop expired
>sbpcd-0 [67] : abp_data : CDi_status timeout(time_out_data)
>sbpcd-0 [68] : abp_data : RESULT_READY where DATA_READY waited (FB).
>sbpcd-0 [69] : abp_data : DATA_READY timeout (FF).
>sbpcd-0 [70] : abp_data : read aborted by drive
>......        failed after three atempt...

It sounds like you have one of those compatible drives that must first be initialised by its DOS driver before it can be used under Linux. I had a similar problem with my drive: when first installing Linux, I would boot to DOS, then run dbootstrap, run the first part of the install, then when the system reboots under Linux, the installation stops because it cannot access the CD drive.

If this is the case, the solution is to cold boot your system (i.e. on power up or pressing the reset button after shutting Linux down) with a DOS boot disk in your floppy drive (A:). The boot disk has to have the DOS CD-ROM driver provided by the drive's manufacturer on it and load it when it boots. If your drive is connected to a sound card, you may also need the drivers for the card on the disk to also be loaded. Then, remove the disk, and do a warm boot by pressing Ctrl+Alt+Del. When Linux boots, it should then be able to access the CD drive and allow you to continue your installation.


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