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Re: XDM background

COLPAERT, Koen wrote:

I installed Debian without any difficulties but I'm not amused with the
grey loginscreen from XDM. Someone told me to change this using xbanner
but that didn't satisfy me. Another user pointed me to some backgrounds
for XDM at http://x.themes.org . I took a nice Debian background (
http://x.themes.org/php/pic.phtml?src=resources/xdm.969685173.jpg ) but
don't know how I can show it at the XDM-startup/login. How do I do this?

if you download any one of the xdm themes from x.t.o and look at the files included, you should be able to figure out the various ways to do it.

$ apt-get install xloadimage
$ man xloadimage


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