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Re: Debian distribution with free support


I'd recomend Storm Linux (http://www.stormix.com). It's a great distribution 
based on Debian, with all the packages compatible. The instalation is even 
simpler than Mandrake or RedHat, and the plug-and-pray device configuration 
is very easy with SAS. It's a really great product.

Guilherme Ceschiatti

On Monday 08 January 2001 20:03, Charlie Kroeger wrote:
> >Someone wrote me an e-mail and included an URL to a seller of
> >-|"Official" Debian that included free support.
> That was
> www.libranet.com
> They do a debian distro variation for $25, looks interesting, here's a
> paste from their 'support' page, where the 'debian users' are mentioned.
> >Support
> >
> >Usually no support is needed to get a Libranet system up and running.
> >If you do need help, you can email the developers at
> >support@libranet.com.  Please provide your registration number.
> >
> >The key to a successfull installation is following the 11 sheet step-by-
> >step install guide which includes notes on system functions like editing
> >files, setting up dual boot, etc.
> >
> >There is a wealth of documentation avalable both on your system and on
> >the web. There are Debian user groups, forums and FAQ pages.  See
> >www.debian.org.
> >
> >To access the Linux HOWTO documentation on your Libranet system,
> >click HOWTO.
> >
> >To access the Debian Guide on your Libranet system, click Debian Guide.
> >
> >Coming soon: We are working on a basic Support solutions section,
> >which will provide solutions to common questions.
> >
> >Disclaimer........
> Well, 'free' with registration.
> This is America, nothing's 'actually' free as such, just a well cherished
> concept.
> C.K.

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