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Re: AOL on Linux?

>* scud@centrum.cz (scud@centrum.cz) [010108 17:24]:
>> I'm in position that I can't change my ISP. I would like to know,
> whether there is any possibility how to run AOL on Linux. Thanks Jiri
>Try "Wine". Setup AOL to use TCP/IP for connection vs dialing itself. Go to 
>this page http://www.winehq.com/Apps/query.cgi and put "aol" in the product 
>field. Submit it and you'll see a few entries with a "4" rating, but they're 
>for version 3 for Windows v3.1.

I don't know what your setup is, but if you have a decently fast computer 
(233+ Mhz),
but I know for a fact that AOL works with VMWare.


I'd suggest downloading the trial of the Workstation version to see how it 
works.  I used
this for about 3 months before I could convince my family to switch to 
another ISP, and
it worked great.  (if only my computer had been faster)


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