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Re: Some refreshing news

On 5 Jan 2001, you wrote:

> csnyder@linuxfreemail.com writes:

> > upgraded my motherboard and CPU last night (from a Pentium 75 to a
> > Celeron 500).  The system is a dual boot system (Debian Linux, and
> > Windows 95).  I have been unable to boot into Windows (lots of errors,
> > graphics look horrible, and finally kills me with a fatal error), but I
> > have had no problems with getting back into Linux!  I will have to
> > reinstall Windows to see if I can get it working again (if they had kids
> > learning games for Linux I would get rid of Windows entirely, but until
> > then I am stuck with it)

Wine? vmware?

> create a debian boot-disk before you reinstall windows; windows will clear
> the MBR (master boot record) during installation.

Indeed. Obviously you wouldn't possibly want to have any other OS on 
your 'puter as well.

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