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Re: Spelling for netscape.

Joshua Kruck <krujos@bethel.edu> writes:

> Hello,
> I am trying to get spell check to work for netscape's email progam. Does
> anyone know how to do this? The button is greyed out and i can figure
> out how to work it.

Maybe you haven't all components installed. See what 'apt-get install
communicator-smotif-475 netscape-java-475' (or which version you
prefer) would install.

> Also, does anyone know the command to just launch the mail component of
> netscape. I know the enlightenment window manager does this. I would
> like to make a way to launch the program with a single button, rather
> than having to open the browser and then the mail client.

netscape -messenger

> thanks
> Joshua

Andre Berger                                [andre.berger@topmail.de]

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