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Re: lilo.conf

To quote Russell Coker <russell@coker.com.au>,
# On Saturday 06 January 2001 14:55, you wrote:
# > I request that you provide support for me telling lilo that I don't
# > want it touching my lilo.conf at all.  Also, you should consider how
# > to deal with changes that the user makes by hand to lilo.conf.  If
# > don't regenerate existing lilo.conf files then you should not have
# > much of a problem.  If you do, then it gets fun.
# One thing that I am considering is to have a file /etc/lilo.conf.user
# (or maybe some other name).  This file will be included into the
# generated settings just before the "image" parts.  Then you could put
in any 
# other settings you want.
# I'll put in an option to not change lilo.conf in the next version.

I'd also like to suggest that a file be made which will override any of
debconf's settings. That way, if I can't have lba32(for instance, if it
does bad things), I can make sure it never gets there.


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