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what to download?

Hi. i would like to down load Debian and try it after a horrible experience with redhat and mandrake, problem is.....i cant figure out what to download. Could someone please answer this email and provide explicit fool-proof instructions on exactly what directories i need to down load from the FTP server. I wish to save it to my HDD and install it from there.
i am starting with a generic workstation install. (i will play with the advanced stuff after i can finally get a distro installed)
if this helps here is a list of system specs.
slot 1 P3 600mhz
Geforce2 mx
SB live value
realtek 8139b 10/100 PCI NIC
acer 50x cdrom
acer external modem
Logitech USB mouse (have ps2 also)
ADI MicroScan 5P 17" monitor
Soltek DV56 slot 1 motherboard
i believe that my monitor/video card combined prevented RedHat from starting X, and Mandrake was just DOG SLOW.
please help
Norton Seron Australia

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