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Re: FYI: using logitech cordless keyboard extra keys in X4

# I left the mute key out, as I haven't found a way yet to actually
# it on and off (I know you can mute it with amixer set Master mute and
# unmute with amixer set Master unmute, but you'd need an extra script
# have it toggling between those values).

Here's a quick script to make mute-toggling work:

--- Start script ~/bin/toggle-mute.bash ---

if [ -f /tmp/muted.${USER} ]; then
	aumix <whatever flags unmute volume> && rm -f /tmp/muted.${USER}
	aumix <whatever flags mute volume> && touch /tmp/muted.${USER}
--- End script ~/bin/toggle-mute.bash ---

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