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Re: Box refusing connections after changing to static IP?

-> I have a box I've set up at work as a CVS server, to accept CVS and
-> SSH connections, mostly from Windows boxes on an internal network.
-> Well, I installed Debian 2.2 stable on it and set it up to use DHCP to
-> get it's IP, got CVS and SSH working, everything was fine.
-> However, I was told to change it to use a static IP.  I mucked with
-> /etc/network/interfaces to use a static IP, may have done some other
-> tweaking of mostly unrelated stuff, and then I noticed that, whereas
-> before I could have a SSH session open from my Windows machine (putty)
-> all day, now I get periodically kicked off ("connection has been reset
-> by peer"-type messages), or it takes several tries to get a
-> connection.  And our CVS access also has the same kind of problem
-> ("connection refused by host" -type messages), have to try repeatedly
-> for over a minute sometimes.  This is very annoying, to say the least.

seems your network daemons are configured to listen only on one ip, the one
you had before. They have to be configured to listen on IP - every
IP matches that no matter if you change your IP address. find configuration
of your sshd...


if you have your old IP, change it to new one, or better to this one :)
same about cvsupd, although I'm not sure if you don't ru it through

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