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Re: Problems with kernel recompiling

On Tue, Jan 02, 2001 at 01:40:36AM -0500, Vadim Kutsyy wrote:
> I want to recompile the kernel.  I config and compiling went without any
> problem (I am trying 2.2.18pre21 static on woody).  Hwever, when I am
> restrarting computer, Xserver starts, but gdm doesn't, so all what I am
> getting is gray screen whithout anything at all.  
The only way this could be a kernel issue is if you misconfigured the
kernel and left out some modules that X (or gdm) needs.  I'm having a
hard time imagining that gdm would need any special kernel modules.
I can imagine, depending on your hardware (e.g. Intel i810e) that you
might have left out some modules that X would need.  But X starts; I
think that rules this possibility out.

It's been modutils that's been breaking with newer versions of both
2.2 and 2.4 kernels and causing the most havoc.  Again, it's hard to
see how that could come in to play here.

I would suggest going through Documentation/Changes in the kernel
source tree and making sure that all other required software packages
are up to date.

Once you've ruled all that out, we're left with gdm which shouldn't,
in itself, care too much which version of the kernel it's running
under.  Try booting your old kernel and confirm that gdm still comes
up under it.  If it does, I would argue that this is a gdm bug and
should be reported as such.

David Benfell
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