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Re: Problems with kernel recompiling

"David B. Harris" wrote:
> To quote Vadim Kutsyy <vadim@kutsyy.com>,
> # I want to recompile the kernel.  I config and compiling went without
> any
> # problem (I am trying 2.2.18pre21 static on woody).  Hwever, when I am
> # restrarting computer, Xserver starts, but gdm doesn't, so all what I
> am
> # getting is gray screen whithout anything at all.
> #
> # Any recomendations?
> I think there might be something wrong with GDM's scripts - but I could
> be wrong. There are a number of things that could cause those symptoms
> :(

gdm works fine with current version of kernel.

Vadim Kutsyy
The University of Michigan - Ann Arbor               PhD Student
http://www.kutsyy.com                           vadim@kutsyy.com

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