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Re: [slightly OT] book recomendations?

On Wed, 3 Jan 2001, Xucaen wrote:

> Hi all,, there have been some mentions of books
> on the list, but nothing definitive...
> can anyone recomend a good system
> administration/network administration book?
> just curious to hear people's opinions.
> thanks!

Myself, I've always liked the Unix System Administration Handbook, by
Nemeth, Snyder & Seebass.  I noticed new edition recently came out to
cover Linux, and it has cute cartoons. :-)

I'm also looking for a book, a late Xmas gift for my dad who's been
getting into Linux.  I'm confident he has enough newbie literature to
help him when I'm not around (I last recommended Thinking Unix to
him), so I thought a book about the free software culture would be
good for him now.  Wasn't a book about the history of free software
reviewed on /. a few months ago?



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