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Re: Straight to woody after fresh potato install?

To quote Jon Pennington <jpennington@atipa.com>,
# csj wrote:
# > 
# > The first of two questions: Is it OK to specify woody as the apt
source after
# > a fresh potato installation (I just grabbed, as someone suggested,
the 2.88mb
# > floppy install image)? I want to have woody with the least number of
# > downloaded packages.
# Sure.  I'd recommend changing your sources.list, apt-get update, then
# install debconf, then apt-get dist-upgrade.
# > Second question: where is the best place to get the latest gnome
# > I'm planning to do some gtk compiling. Which gnome and what
# > package do I specify to get a complete development environment. This
# > has been prompted by my inability to compile the lastest xcdroast
# > under potato.
# I just use the packages at Helixcode.  I don't even use the Debian
# packages if I can help it.

I would just like to point out that it is really quite difficult to get
rid of Helix GNOME in favour of the regular Debian packages if at some
point in the future you decide Helix is too buggy.

I installed Helix without difficulty; and it ran just fine. However, I
have a rather spartan desktop, without even the GNOME panel. I long ago
got rid of GNOME's session manager(sort of slow and bloated, that one),
so really all I'm running is Sawfish and some 'gkrellm' monitors. So, I
decided to get rid of Helix and switch to the Debian packages. I did it,
but it wasn't fun at all.


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