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Re: Official Debian

"Holp, John Mr." wrote:
>         Does anyone know where I can purchase this book?  I cannot find it
> today with any of the on-line book sellers.

Don't get a book with Debian 2.0.  2.2 is the latest stable, and is at
least 18 months newer than  2.0 (this is a conservitave guess).

>         What I really need is a complete distribution of Debian on CD/s
> along with a book that takes the pain out of installing this distribution.
> The CD in the back of my book - Debian GNU/Linux 2.1 Unleashed appears to be
> bad and there is no point of contact to ask questions.

Like Sean Perry said, try the O'Reilly book.  You can get a complete set
of Potato discs from http://www.linuxcentral.com/ for about $6US before
shipping, and will probably run into all sorts of other useful stuff
while you're browsing that site.  Have a look.

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