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Re: DNS & Mail

Debian GNU <debian_71@yahoo.com> wrote:
>I have configured a DNS server using bind in Debian potato, Kernel
>2.2.17. I have defined the hosts www.xxx.yyy.com, ftp.xxx.yyy.com,
>mail.xxx.yyy.com etc. I can get the web page hosted at www.xxx.yyy.com
>by typing the URL in browser window. How can I get the same by typing
>just xxx.yyy.com, like yahoo.com and www.yahoo.com ?

Add an A record for xxx.yyy.com. 'host yahoo.com' demonstrates. You may
also need to add a virtual host for xxx.yyy.com in your web server
configuration, if you're using virtual hosts.

>How can I configure the linux machine to receive mail addressed to
>user@xxx.yyy.com instead of user@mail.xxx.yyy.com ? The mail server
>configuration is done using sendmail. I would like to get the details
>of the DNS portion only.

Add an MX record for xxx.yyy.com, setting mail.xxx.yyy.com as the mail
exchanger. The bind documentation should have more details.

Colin Watson                                     [cjw44@flatline.org.uk]

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