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Re: potato instalation (despair)

Antonio A. Lobato writes:

>   I already tryied many ways to install the potato packages(because I
> already installed it Basic System from hard disk), but it`s how if my cdrom
> reader don`t existed. 
>   Also it`s impossible I acess the internet from Linux because my modem is
> the US Robotics Winmodem, and is not compatible with Linux. It remains the
> follow alternative:
> download the packages that I want from the internet to my Windows partition
> and install it from the hard disk. I don`t want install much packages. Only
> the basic: X11, gcc, gv, latex, xterm. 
>   -What do you think of all it ?

ouch.  Make sure that you have all of the proper drivers installed for the
cdrom if that is possible.  I haven't heard of standard cdrom
incompatibilities...is it IDE or SCSI or a laptop...there are several
places in the kernel configuration to setup cdrom...make sure that you
don't miss any oportunities.  Also, you should see be detected during
startup...mine says something like
/dev/hdd some cdrom

and even when I stuck in my new RW that I haven't dealt with yet and it
couldn't communicate it said 
/dev/hdd gibberish

Of cource hdd could be hdb or hdc depending on where it lives or something
else if it's scsi.

>   -How do I install this packages from a local hard disk ?  

dpkg -i package name...but I fear that you will have lots of dependencies
with X11 and latex, and probably gv.  Make sure you d/l all of those too,
or else you'll spend a lot of time rebooting.

> Tom
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