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Re: X error

on Mon, Jan 01, 2001 at 09:28:57PM -0800, Bob Nielsen (nielsen@oz.net) wrote:
> I had a problem with woody several days ago where X would die
> immediately after starting, before the window manager took over.  In
> trying to fix it, I really messed up my X installation, so I decided to
> downgrade to potato and did a fresh installation of 2.2r2.  I did this
> and everything was working fine (including X).
> Since I had started with a somewhat minimal installation I just added a
> lot of new packages and now X dies immediately after starting with no
> messages, which is the same behaviour I had before with woody.
> System is a K6/2-350 with 128 MB, Cirrus 5430-based video card with
> 2048k videoram.  
> Any ideas as to where I should be looking?

How are you starting X?  Command line or /etc/init.d scripts?  Find an
appropriate .xsession-errors file lying around anywhere?

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