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Re: Mouse freezes in KDE 2.1 under unstable

On Sunday 31 December 2000 07:28 pm, Bart Szyszka wrote:
> Hello,
> I've finally gotten my X server working on this computer with an
> Ati Rage 128 All-InWonder Pro graphics card, but am having trouble
> with the mouse. It's a generic two-button mouse hooked up to the
> PS/2 port. When I get into KDE 2.1 under Debian unstable, the mouse
> jumps around to a few places while Ksplash is loading things and
> I'm able to use it for a few seconds, but then it freezes. If I
> open some programs by using my keyboard and I close them, then
> sometimes the mouse will work again, but then it'll freeze again.
> When it's working and I move it over some things, sometimes it's as
> if it puts focus on something without me clicking on any buttons.
> I'd
> appreciate any help with this. I've uploaded a copy of my
> XF86Config-4 file to:
> http://www.gigabee.com/linuxextras/xf86config-4.txt
> I have the latest stuff from Debian unstable. Is there anything I
> need to add or
> delete from this file? Any other files or programs that I should be
> looking at?
> It took me a while to get this X server up and running and I'm not
> even sure what finally did it so I'm afraid of running anymore X
> configuraiton programs
> that could mess things up.
> Happy New Year everyone!
> - Bart

All you have to do os stop gpm, the console pointer
/etc/init.d/gpm stop

Pascal Hos

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