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Happy new year!!! ++ fake-Typhoon radio card

Hello there, everybody...

At first, let me take the chance to wish all of you a perfect, calm, happy
and successfull 2001, may everything you are about to do turn out just
perfectly. :) And, thanks for all of you for your help, for hints, tips
and support which helped me a lot quite often last year... Thanks guys,
you are great! :))

Okay, so for the first question in the new year... I am messing around
trying to get a radio tuner card to run on one of our customers computers
which now shall be made a Debian machine (seems the guy is pretty angry
with Ruindow$98 :))) )... However, this card is an ISA 8-bit device
obtained from German 'Pearl' distributor, and, on the tiny 'manual' of the
card, it is listed as 'Typhoon Sound System'. The 'radio-typhoon' driver
of potato's out-of-the-box kernel doesn't work, and modinfo -p shows that
the io parameters which are allowed for this module don't fit the possible
io jumper configurations listed in the manual. 'radio-gemtek' is the only
module for those devices which has the options for io as given by the
hardware manufacturer but it doesn't work either... Those io ports are
0x20c , 0x30c, 0x24c and 0x34c. 

(a) Does anyone of you know this device and is able to give me some more
in-depth-information? The manual is not very helpful, as always...
(b) Has anyone got this device to work with Linux? If yes, can you help me
improving my configuration? :)

So, that's all for now... Thanks for reading, bye!

Regards, have a nice evening...

"Awaken to a light of knowing all your truth was lies,
 and all the faith which you embraced has left you blind.
 Decieved like the fools that surround you it came with ease.
 Unfulfilled were the days of your being but now you will see."
(Morbid Angel - at one with nothing)

 Kristian Rink :: bits: celestial_spirit@web.de :: 
 paper : ++49 / 180 5052 5560 8162 :: ask for pgp key!

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